Recycled Tomato Planters
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Just by using a sole tomato you can have your own tomato seeds and grow as much plants as you wish. These seeds will be more natural and ecological than those bought in stores and therefore, they are a healthier alternative. You do not need any special item that you would not have at home. By using them, you will be able to grown your own tomatoes!

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The activity shall be implemented in 4 stages:

  • Prepare all the materials needed beforehand.
  • Research about which kind of tomatoes fits better our conditions.
  • Plan and follow the instructions carefully.
  • Take care of your tomatoes.


Learning objectives

You will learn:

  • How to measure.
  • How to work with geometric figures.
  • How to work with concrete units.
  • How to conduct researches on Internet.


Skills addressed

After completing the activity, you will achieve the following skills:

  • Improve your gardening abilities.
  • Develop ICT research skills.
  • Learn about different types of tomatoes and the conditions they need to grow.
  • Improve your maths.
  • Keep a persevering attitude.



After completing the activity, the learners will acquire the following competences:

  • Careful reading in order to avoid any possible mistake.
  • Capacity to put in practice a theoretical research using ICT methodologies.
  • Gardening competences.
  • Organization, planning and development of the whole creation process.
  • Basic estimations and mental calculations.


Material required

  • Gallon-sizeplastic  jugs
  • Paint (optional)
  • Resistant string
  • Scissors
  • Potting soil
  • Tomato small plant


How to obtain your own tomato seeds?


1. First of all, you should decide which variety of tomato you want to obtain, we recommend you to chose small-medium size tomato variety. In order to do so, you should conduct a research on the net. You will see that there is a broad range of tomatoes. You should opt for a variety that is easy to grow in your environmental conditions and in case you want indoor tomatoes.

2. Prepare all the materials. Do you know what is a gallon? Search on the net. This measure is only used in US to refer to jugs with a capacity of some litres. How many? Ask Google! This size of jugs can be found in any supermarket or food store.

3. You should decide beforehand how much tomato planters you want and where do you need to put them. We recommend you to put them in a position avoiding direct sun contact and of course, rain, snow etc. You need to measure how many cm you want the planters to hang, and have four loops of equal length of string for each jug, to distribute the weight of the container properly.



1. First of all, remove the labels of the jugs. In case you want to paint them, do it know and wait until the paint is fully dry.

2. Use a pair of scissors and cut the first 10 cm of the bottom of the jug. We recommend you to use a ruler an a pencil to measure appropriately.

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3. You need to make a hole in each of the four sides of the jug. About an inch. How much is an inch? Ask google! To facilitate this process, you can use a pen or a nail and then use again the scissor to widen the hole. Once you have the first hole, measure its exact position and replicate it on the other sides, in order to have the same position in all sides.

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4. As you have decided the length of the cord previously, make sure it can pass through the hole.

5. You’ll need to slip your tomato start, leaves and all, through the very small mouth of the water jug.  you should be able to make it work with minimal damage.  It is possible to break a few leaves but try to be as careful as possible.

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6. Fill the rest of the jug with the potting soil and take care of your tomatoes!





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