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DESCRIPTION: With this project we have prepared to contribute to the recycling, instead of throwing away pet bottles, you can make a trash bin with these pet bottles. It will be our job to have a large number of plastic bottles of the same size for this. By doing so, you will have made a trash box and you will be evaluating the excess pet bottles.


  1. Get chipboards
  2. Paint the chipboards
  3. Glue the chipboards
  4. Make a rectangular box          
  5. Cut and draw the symbols
  6. Start using the recycle bin


  1. You will learn how to re-use the old materials
  2. You will improve your creativity
  3. You will learn improve house economics
  4. You will help the protection of the environment

SKILLS ADDRESSED (minimum 5/ max 10):

            After completing the activity you will achieve the following skills:

  1. Improve your fine-motor-skills  
  2. Improve your awareness about usage of old objects 
  3. Improve recycling and eco-friendly skills 
  4. Improve your knowledge about house economics
  5. Improve your creativity 

COMPETENCES (minimum 5/ max 10):

            After completing the activity, the learners will achieve the following skills:

  1. Capacity of re-use of old objects wisely
  2. Improvement of awareness about house budget management
  3. Capacity of time usage effectively
  4. Improve recycle and ecologic mentality
  5. Organize, plan and develop an entire project


  • Wait until the dyes are painted with green coloured acrylic paint and dry.
  • Next, glue the chipboard parts together with a quick glue to form a rectangular box and divide the space between them.
  • Cut and draw symbols on the label paper indicating "Glass, Paper, and Plastic".
  • Paste the symbols on the recycle box.