Pebble placemats
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NAME OF THE ACTIVITY: Pebble placemats



Making placemats from pebbles is easy, fun and useful. If you don’t have your own pebbles collected, you can search for them in crafts shops. Finding the material is the biggest task, making them is quite simple. You can also make many different variations in terms of size and form. You can also make other objects (carpets, coasters etc.) using the same technique.


This activity has 3 stages.

  1. Buy and prepare all the material;
  2. Design the placemats;
  3. Make the placemats.



  1. Learning to plan and design placemats;
  2. Learning to research how to find material and buying them;
  3. Improving your crafts skills by working on the mats;
  4. Learning more about DIY ideas.



After completing the activity you will achieve the following skills:

  1. Plan and implement a whole project.
  2. Plan and design simple objects like placemats.
  3. Research on how to find materials and supplies.
  4. Improve creativity.
  5. Improve crafts skills and learn to make things by hand.


After completing the activity, the learners will achieve the following skills:

  1. Capacity to plan and implement projects.
  2. Capacity to research and find suitable materials.
  3. Improving creativity and design skills.
  4. Knowing about DIY.
  5. Learning and improving crafts skills and making things by hand.



Felt or other thick canvas material

Crafts glue






Designing your mats

Step 1 – Decide on the size, shape and type of mats you want.

Step 2 – Draw and cut the mats.


Gluing the pebbles

Step 1 – Choose the pebbles you want to use for each mat. Try if they work on the shape you have chosen by placing them on the mat.

Step 2 – When you have chosen the pebbles, glue them in place.

Step 3 – Let the mat dry.