Make your own heating pad
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Heating pads make excellent homemade holiday gifts that you can make without a sewing machine. After it is made you can heat it on the microwave in 20 second increments until you achieve the level of heat you desire. Remember to use it carefully when it is hot, so you don’t burn your hands.




  1. Sew the pillow leaving an opening;
  2. Scent the rice that will fill the pillow;
  3. Close the pillow by sewing what is left.




  1. You will learn how to sew a pillow;
  2. How to use essential oils to make scented pillows;
  3. What kind of essential oils there are;
  4. Learn basic size and time calculations;


After completing the activity you will achieve the following skills:


  1. How to sew a pillow.
  2. How to organize your work.
  3. Improve your sewing skills.
  4. Improve your math skills.
  5. Improve your vocabulary.
  6. Know more about essential oils.
  7. Improve recycling skills by reusing fabric.


After completing the activity, the learners will achieve the following skills:


  1. Capacity of implementing small calculations by (1) cutting 2 pieces of fabric the same size and shape; (2) perceive how much rice will fit inside the pillow; (3) calculate how long it takes to heat the pad in multiples of 20.
  2. Capacity to sew a small pillow and to understand how it is done.
  3. Recognise and understand what are essential oils and what they can be used for.
  4. Improve their recycling and ecologic mentality.
  5. Organize, plan and develop an entire project.




Fabric (preferably cotton flannel)

Rice (uncooked)

Essential Oil(s)

Scissors & sewing supplies

Spoon & Bowl





Step 1 – Cut fabric into 2 squares of equal size. The size is up to you.

Step 2 – Stack fabric squares with the print side in.



Step 3 – Carefully sew around the edges leaving a small opening (about 20 cm)

Step 4 – Turn fabric outside in.

Step 5 – Add essential oil(s) to the rice and mix with a spoon. Notice that the amount of rice depends on the size of the heating pad and that the amount of scent is a matter of personal taste. The oil you use is also a matter of preference, there are several to choose from: sweet almond, lavender, pine, etc…

Step 6 – Fill the heating pad with the scented rice mixture, using a spoon.

Step 7 – Close the heating pad, by sewing what is left with a needle and thread.