Make Seatbelt Pillows
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NAME OF THE ACTIVITY: Make Seatbelt Pillows





Ensure that your little ones have a comfortable ride with this Seat Belt Pillow designed to provide comfort support for head and neck while traveling. The soft & comfortable pillow attaches easily and securely to the safety belt with velcro. Enjoy a pleasant sleep and rest on the pillow without hurting their necks and shoulders anymore.


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This activity has 3 stages.

1.- Make the pieces and strips to make the pillow
2.- Insert the filling
3.- Sew, finish and complete the pillow




  • You will learn how to make a travel pillow for children

  • You will learn sewing techniques.

  • You will learn to create a pattern

  • You will learn to follow instructions


SKILLS ADDRESSED (minimum 5/ max 10):


After completing the activity you will achieve the following skills:


  • Make a travel pillow for childen

  • Follow a set of guidelines

  • Improve your sewing skills.

  • Improve your math skills.

  • Improve your vocabulary.

  • Improve your knowledge about measurements and pattern making

  • Know about types of stuffing


COMPETENCES (minimum 5/ max 10):


After completing the activity, the learners will achieve the following skills:


  • Ability to make small calculations based on the cut of the pieces and loops.

  • Capacity to determine the units of capacity when filling.

  • Ability to make symmetrical parts.

  • Reading comprehension ability following a set of instructions.

  • Organization and decision making in the use of manual or mechanical elements.


















  • Two pieces of cloth, cut to 22.25x5”, or whatever works best to you this is a bit flexible. I made a pattern, then cut out the two pieces of fabric. The fabric should be soft, durable, and comfortable for sleeping on.


  • Four pieces of ribbon, about 9” each


  • Lots of polyester fibrefill or other stuffing


  • Matching thread


  • Sewing supplies: straight pins, scissors (or a rotary cutter & mat), hand needle, and sewing machine (optional)





Step 1: Make the pattern of the fabric. the employer must adapt to the measures and the form. For this you can use a hard paper


Step 2: Cut out the cloth, then pin right sides together. You must cut two fabrics








Step 3: Slip a piece of ribbon between the two pieces of fabric – you want one end of the ribbon to be lined up with the long edge of the fabric, with the rest of the ribbon inside the fabric rectangles. Pin in place 3” to 4” from the short end of the rectangle. Repeat on the opposite side of the fabric rectangles, then add two more at the other end of the fabric rectangles.










Step 4: Using thread and needle (or if you have sewing machine), stitch around two long sides and one short side of your fabric rectangle. You might want to sew part way from both sides of the last short side, but leave a space large enough to fit your hand inside comfortably


Step 5: Cut triangles off the corners, then turn the seat belt pillow right side out. Stick your hand inside and push out the corners, if necessary.


Step 6 – Make sure everything looks ok before proceeding. If necessary, turn it back inside out and fix anything that didn’t work out.


Step 7.– You can begin stuffing. Take large handfuls of polyester fibrefill or your preferred stuffing and feed it through the hole you left open. Stick your hand inside to push it into the corners. Then feed in another handful of stuffing, again sticking your hand in to distribute the fibrefill (if you don’t, your pillow will be very lumpy). Continue in this manner until the pillow is firmly stuffed, all the way up to the hole in the short end.











Step 8.- Turn the raw edges of the hole inside; pin if you can.  Then hand stitch the hole closed. Done!