Egg Carton Mirror Frame
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Who does not have a mirror in their house? They are essential elements in the decoration and they are always there.Today we bring a simple and very original idea to decorate the frame of your mirror! with materials you have at home







This activity has 3 stages.


1.- Cut the egg cartons
2.- Make the flowers
3.- Decorate the mirror




  • You will learn to decorate a mirror

  • You will learn about recycling.

  • You will learn to perform crafts.

  • You will learn to follow instructions


SKILLS ADDRESSED (minimum 5/ max 10):


After completing the activity you will achieve the following skills:


  • You will do manual works with materials that you have at home and easy access.

  • You will improve your math skills

  • You will know new vocabulary

  • Learning skills, through ICTs.

  • You will learn to follow a model



COMPETENCES (minimum 5/ max 10):


After completing the activity, the learners will achieve the following skills:


  • Ability to make small calculations and addition and subtraction.

  • Capacity to know shapes and axes of symmetry and halves

  • Creativity and innovation

  • Reading comprehension ability following a set of instructions.

  • Organization and decision making in the use of manual or mechanical elements













  • Scissors

  • 3 dozen-size cardboard egg cartons,

  • Paint brush.

  • Hot glue gun.

  • red paint.

  • Mirror with frame




Step 1: From each carton, cut out cones that divide cups (you'll have extras). Invert a cone and make 4 cuts down sides. Curl sides out with fingers to form petals. Nest 1 cut cone inside another and glue together. Repeat for all cones. Paint flowers red. Cut the individual egg carton cups. Estimate that you’ll need 60 / 18 egg cartons for the smaller. You’ll need 3-4 egg holders per flower. So, start saving those egg cartons.


Step 2: Cut lip off of each carton lid. Fringe edges of lips with scissors, then cut into 3″ lengths. To make center of flower, roll up fringe tightly and glue end. Repeat for a total of 6.You need to make 3-4 flower petal layers to create a full flower. Make each layer of petals a tiny bit bigger, going outward. Go for similar shaped petals.Take each flower and close it with upward pressure.


Step 3: Glue a fringe center to each flower. Glue flowers onto top right and bottom left corner of mirror. Once you have a couple of flowers shaped up, use your hot glue gun and start shaping the paper flower layers together. Once you have assembled enough flowers to cover the entire frame, and when they have dried a bit, it is time to add them to a background frame. Lay the flowers onto the frame and arrange and re-arrange them till your picture frame design looks great. Then start gluing them on. Go section by section. Work symmetrically. This is most important for a beautiful looking resulting picture or mirror frame.


S tep 4: Spray-paint or hand paint your flowers. Add a coat of varnish or glue