Building a water garden
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Different plants need to grow in different environments and also interacting with different animal species. A water garden can also be used as a fish pond. You will have the chance to learn how to create a self-sustaining ecosystem, improving your intercultural competences by discovering other cultures history (such as Japan) and revise natural science and ecology fundamentals.

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The activity shall be implemented in 4 stages:

  • Research the type of pond or water garden you wish to build. 
  • Planning and design the structure of the water garden.
  • Build the water garden.
  • Plan the activities to be carried out in the water for the next year


Learning objectives

You will learn:

  • How to work with angles.
  • How to work with spatial calculation.
  • How to conduct research on the net.
  • To Know the history and culture behind the water gardens
  • To learn basic calculations.


Skills addressed

After completing the activity, you will achieve the following skills:

  • Use simple maths.
  • Develop ICT research skills.
  • Organize a team work by dividing tasks and roles.
  • Improve social skills such as leadership, organizational conscience or communication.
  • Improve your ecology skills.
  • Improve your Intercultural skills
  • Improvement of your vocabulary skills by dealing with new concepts.



After completing the activity, the learners will achieve the following skills:

  • Capacity of implementing simple calculations and 3D perspective when developing projects.
  • Capacity to put in practice a theoretical research using ICT methodologies.
  • Intercultural and foreign languages competences.
  • Ecological mentality.
  • Organization, planning and development of an entire project.


Material required

  • Metre,
  • Calculator,
  • Gloves,
  • Spade,
  • Water plants,
  • Gold fishes,
  • Pegs.


How to build my own water garden?


1. Consider what type of water garden or pond will be built.

2. Do a quick research on Internet in order to get more information regarding water gardens: History, water plants and fishes, conditions of the soil to construct a water garden, climate, etc. Internet is a good option but remember to compare information, and use trustworthy web pages

3. Prepare the materials you will need to use to develop the activity, starting by the materials to design the project and ending with the construction materials.



1. Decide the location of the water garden.

2. Design the sheep and deep of the water pond.

3. Measure the space and the materials and adapt it to design elaborated before. The best way to do this is to use a rope or water hose and lay out the shape on the ground.  It is important to guarantee the necessary space:  a larger water garden is more stable and easier to maintain

4. After measuring the space make a draw that will help you before digging the water garden.

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5. Dig the water garden to the desired shape.  If keeping plants dig a shelf around the perimeter of the pond

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6. Establish a plan to include fishes and plants in the water garden taking in consideration the previous researches.

7. Take care of the maintenance of the water garden. You can use the Water Pond Filter System built by them. 

8. Decorate the water garden. It can be based on learners' different cultures.  


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