Broken flower pot garden
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A broken pot garden does not represent a problem anymore. You can recycle it and use it to create a fairy small garden. There are no rules regarding its decoration, just leave your imagination flow! Depending on the possibilities, you can also create an indoor small garden.

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The activity shall be implemented in 4 stages:

  • Prepare all the materials needed beforehand.
  • Research about which are the adequate plants for this activity.
  • Plan and follow the instructions carefully.
  • Create your own small garden out of a broken pot.


Learning objectives

You will learn:

  • How to conduct researches on Internet.
  • How to put filters on YouTube.
  • To work with spatial calculation.
  • To work with solid figures.
  • To work with fractions.


Skills addressed

After completing the activity, you will achieve the following skills:

  • Make simple estimations.
  • Work with fractions, solid figures.
  • Improve your special calculation.
  • Improve your gardening abilities.
  • Develop ICT research skills.
  • Learn about which plants and conditions are adequate.
  • Enhance your creativity.



After completing the activity, the learners will acquire the following competences:

  • Careful reading in order to avoid any possible mistake.
  • Estimation making.
  • Capacity to put in practice a theoretical research using ICT methodologies.
  • Gardening competences.
  • Creativity.
  • Organization, planning and development of the whole creation process.


Material required

  • Broken pot
  • Coffee filter
  • Potting soil
  • Small plants (quite a few)
  • Moss (if possible)
  • Decoration (small toys, houses...)


How to create your own small garden out of broken pot?


1. Prepare the materials you will need to use to develop the activity starting by the most important one: the pot. We recommend you to use a round one In case you do not have an already broken one, you can cut it with carbide cutting tools (be careful).  You should also have all the plants and decorative elements ready.

2. Which are the most suitable plants for this activity? You should carry out a research on the internet. Bear in mind that you should specify beforehand if they need to be indoor plants (depending on your possibilities). Choose your browser and put the key write down the key words “small plants”, “plants for small garden”, “indoor plants”.  Most of the plants you can find them on a normal garden store.

3. It is recommendable to plan beforehand the style of our fairy garden. This activity is planned for a turnaround design as the pot is round, but there are many other possibilities available. Depending on the size of your pot, you should calculate how many plants you will be able to fit in. Take into account the roots and the fact that you will need plants from different sizes. Bear this in mind when you buy the plants.

4. No ideas about how to decorate it? You will be surprised about how many possibilities are available!  Open Youtube in your browser. Write the key text and press the “Filter” button on the upper side of the screen in the right side. You have then different options to filter your research “upload date” in case you prefer recent videos, you can also select a concrete “channel” to obtain only researches from channels related to gardening… There are also other filters available: duration, features and the order of the results, which by default, will be sort by relevance.



1. Once you have the pot ready, you should put the coffee filter on the bottom of the pot, to allow the water to drain without losing any soil. You can also create a layer of small stones. Fill 1/3 of the pot with soil.

2. Place a large potsherd in the middle of the pot, in parallel, and fill the space between both edges with soil.

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3. In case you want to simulate stair, place small potsherd as the steps in parallel, as stairs in a half circle around the main potsherd. Cover it with moss or any other alternative.

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4. Now it´s time to collocate the plants and the decoration. We recommend you to put the biggest plants on the top, as well as most of the decoration.  There are no limits or rules regarding the decoration elements or topics, here below some suggestions or examples in order to inspire you:

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5. Remember to take care appropriately of your fairy garden!

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Some more examples...